In order to prepare your floor for the application of a quality epoxy flooring finish we will assess your concrete to determine the correct method of preparation.

We assess the following qualities of your concrete floor:

  • hardness

  • existing cracks

  • porosity

  • existing contaminants such as salts, grease, rust or oil

Our preparation process:

1. We perform a visual inspection followed by a surface tension / wetting test to determine existence of contaminants within the concrete.

2. Degrease surface prior to mechanical preparation based on the level of existing contaminants within your concrete. High levels of contamination often prevent the binding of epoxy coatings to concrete and our initial inspection will determine this.

3. Perform surface soundness test to determine strength of your concrete using our diamond grinder over a test patch of floor.

4. Diamond grind/sand the whole floor using the appropriate attachments suited to your floor. This removes any impurities sitting on the top layer and opens up the pores of the concrete to allow a primer to stick to the surface of the concrete.​

5. Fix any existing cracks or holes before applying our primer coat followed by your choice of plain coat, decorative flake, metallic epoxy flooring or slip-resistant coating. The process is completed with a topcoat giving your epoxy flooring a professional long lasting finish.