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When installed by an applicator from The Garage Floor Co. the materials are warranted against delamination from properly prepared substrates, peeling, cracking and/or blistering of the coating for a period of one year from the invoice date, providing the job has been paid in full to terms.

The Garage Floor Co. represents and warrants that the materials used in the installation of your project are free of defects at the time of sale. The materials have been cured and tested in accordance with the standard Quality Control Procedures.

The Garage Floor Co.’s sole liability is limited to replacement of any product shown to perform otherwise than as warranted within the one year period from the date of the application.

This warranty is dependent on the following conditions:

1. This warranty does not apply to any damages to the coating by physical abuse, failure of the structure or substrate, vandalism, modifications to the substrate the coating is being applied, mechanical impact damage, exposure to heat or flame, exposure to solvents and acids, windstorms, lightning, nails, screws, plant life, animal life, abuse or damage of the product by the customer, by other persons or any act of God.

2. This warranty does not apply to damage due to gouging and other extensive damage beyond the scope and protections of the system applied, including impact and abrasion other than that for which the system was designed.

3. This warranty does not apply to damage caused by a hydrostatic water problem, moisture vapour permeating the concrete slab, or exposure to either battery acid or brake fluid. This warranty does not cover changes or oxidation of the coating as a result of normal weathering or atmosphere conditions.

4. This warranty does not apply to delamination caused by improper substrate condition, or an internal failure of the substrate.

5. This warranty does not apply to damage caused by cracks in the substrate prior to or occurring after the installation of the floor coating system that appear from ground shift and expansion/contraction of the substrate, cracking due to substrate movement is not under warranty regardless of whether same was repaired during original installation or not. There is no warranty for cracks or crack repair. Areas repaired under this warranty may vary in colour and texture from areas originally installed, which are not repaired. This limited warranty shall not apply in the case of improper substrate construction, exposure of the products to solvents and/or higher concentrations of acids other than that moisture from within, under or adjacent to the concrete surface.

6. The Garage Floor Co. will not be liable for consequential or incidental damages of any kind including but not limited to damages to the structure or its contents resulting from defects in The Garage Floor Co.’s coating application. The obligation assumed under this warranty is expressly limited to providing such materials, as provided herein, required to repair any defects covered under this warranty agreement.

7. The Garage Floor Co.’s responsibilities under this warranty agreement cease if any alterations, additions or repairs are made to the floor coating initially installed by The Garage Floor Co.

The products used by The Garage Floor Co, and the installation of the floor coating/s are sold subject to the express limited warranties contained herein.

1. The Garage Floor Co. cannot warrant an existing coating adhesion to the concrete or any work that we have not performed. This warranty applies to flaking or chipping coatings caused as a direct result of product failure.

2. The sole and exclusive maximum liability of The Garage Floor Co. under this warranty will be at the option of The Garage Floor Co, to patch failing area/areas or recoat all coated areas The Garage Floor Co. deems advisable.

3. The liability of The Garage Floor Co whether based on this warranty, contract or otherwise, shall in no case exceed the purchase price for the product

4. The Garage Floor Co. will not be liable to the customer for any damages, such as but not limited to any lost profits, loss of time and inconvenience or other incidental or consequential damaged arising out of its use of the floor coating, its contents or surroundings and the breach of any warranty.

5. Should any repair be needed, this warranty is limited to the replacement of the system materials which have failed and specifically excludes, without limitation, bodily injury, loss or use of property, consequential damages and property damaged as a result of such failure.

6. While slip resistant coating systems applied by The Garage Floor Co. will help to significantly prevent slip and falls they will not completely prevent such incidences from occurring. The surface may become slippery under certain conditions including but not limited to exposure to wet, oily or greasy conditions. In no event shall The Garage Floor Co. be responsible for injury incurred in a slip and fall occurrence. It is the purchaser’s responsibility to provide for their own safety and the safety of their guests and invitees.

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